Technical part:
Implementation of the 2D immersive environment
Jean-Louis Pazat.

The technical part will be supervised by Jean-Louis Pazat, Associate Professor at the Computer Science dept , INSA -Rennes and reasearch scientist at IRISA, Rennes. A of students will do most of the implementation , as a practical work of their 4th year at INSA.

The team will develop a parallel program using the Java programing language to drive the 4 videoprojectors using 4 networked computers.

The interaction between the "immobile voyageur" and the system will use a position tracker (ultrasonic sensors or camera). The images will be stored in an image database. Images will be "mixed" using different algorithms (pixellizing, mixing, ...) and the choice will be left to Yves thanks to the setup of the program.
This application should be easy to use and to adapt.

As a first step, the project will be limited to the software specification, writing and testing. Standard screens will be used instead projectors and a mouse will replace the position tracker.

If this phase is completed before the end of the project (June 1999), a positionning tracker and video projectors will be connected to the system and a demo of the environment will be organized.